tiistai 28. heinäkuuta 2015

Piggy Pork's Name Day

This title doesn't translate correctly, but in Finland we have an old children's song, where Putte Possu is celebrating his name day. And Putte Possu is also used for the american cartoon character Piggy Pork. But Piggy in the children's song has nothing to do with the Looney Tune's character. Anyway, I made a box for the Piggy, according to the song, where he invites his friends for a party and they eat lots of candies, lolly pops etc.

 Armas, the badger, is drinking lemonande here. He's a bit shy...

 This is Basil Dunston aka as Pasi.

 This is Räpsy, the bunny, who loves fake eyelashes...

And this is Piggy himself, enjoying goodies and presents he got!

The annual miniature fair in Forssa was last weekend. I finally got myself a Taru Astikainen doll,
Ruth. She's a beauty. If you haven't checked Taru's dolls yet, have a look at her blog Primadoll.

Have a great last week of July! Oh, I almost forgot, Sanne got herself a dresser. Goodness, so many jars and make-up items! LOL

7 kommenttia:

  1. Hello Sanne,
    How lovely! I wish my birthday party was like that. It is a terrific roombox. I love your new doll.
    Big hug,

  2. What a gorgeous, celebratory roombox! I love your characters, the colors, and all the foods--it's so cute!!! Sanne's new dresser with all her make-up is adorable! Love it all!!! xo Jennifer

  3. A lovely feast for the piggies and their friends. An adorable scene with lots of details. Your new doll is a real beauty and Sanne's new
    dresser and makeup items is amazing.
    Have a wonderful rest of summer!
    Hugs, Drora

  4. What a lovely scene - that children's song was a wonderful inspiration to you for sure. How nice to see how all of them are having fun! Your new doll is a beauty and no doubt Sanne is a girl... nice dresser!


  5. I love the party scene. I would love to be there so many yummy things to eat :)). Your new doll is beautiful. The dresser is lovely lucky Sanne.
    Hugs Maria

  6. Ihanan värikästä! Armas on mun suosikki! <3