sunnuntai 16. marraskuuta 2014

Muuttokuorma saapunut - They've Moved in!

Pupujen muuttokuorma on saapunut, mutta tyyppejä itseään ei näy missään. Höh, odottavat, että minä siivoan paikat kuntoon. - Loads of stuff has arrived at the Bunny house, but not a sight of the bunny family. Right, they're expecting me to do all the clearing and cleaning up!

Blythe nukkeni ovat tyytyneet tähän asti pieneen yksiöönsä hyllyssä. Kaappasin mieheltäni vanhan
lapsuudenkotini liinavaatekaapin omaan käyttööni! - My Blythes have lived in their one room apartment, but then I got an idea and confiscated an old cupboard from my hubbie. This used to be in my childhood home used for linens, so I am the legal owner of it, teehee, (you know, I dont' feel too quilty of robbing this from him).

Hyvää marraskuun loppua! Askarrellaan! - Have a great November! Let's keep on crafting!

4 kommenttia:

  1. Hi Sanne! Well, you have been very busy :D! The Bunny House looks beautiful so far, I think your little bunnies don't know what they will miss.....:)! I especially love how the light comes through the window and is shining on your Delftware pottery and the plates, they have been painted so wonderfully detailed :D!
    What a great idea to use the old cabinet for your Blythe dolls, I think they will feel quite at home after you have decorated for them.
    Have a nice Sunday/week. Hugs, Ilona

  2. Beautiful accessories in the Bunny house. I like the old cabinet for youi Blythe dolls.

  3. Your bunny house is beautiful. I love the window with all the wonderful details. Great idea using the cabinet for your Blythe dolls. Have fun decorating it.
    Hugs Maria

  4. The bunny house is looking really beautiful and inviting. Glad your Blythes will have a bigger house soon! xo Jennifer