maanantai 8. elokuuta 2016

Forssa Old Toy Fair and IKEA dollhouse

Hello! It's been a while. I'm mostly active in Google+ and Facebook nowadays. But here a look into my IKEA house, which will be a set of roomboxes actually. These are some views of the upstairs kitchen.

My bigger girls got some clothes and jewelry from the Forssa Old Toy fair.

I also got myself some 1:12 treasures! Love them.

 A lovely doll from Kirsti Kilponen

 These are from Heli Snicker, Tiina Honkanen, Maria Malmström, Päivi Varis.

This delicious set is from Jatta Toropainen.

Have a great August and let's keep crafting!

10 kommenttia:

  1. Hello Sanne,
    The Ikea house is lovley. I like the finishes you used on your surfaces. The new clothes your girls received are great as well.
    Big hug

  2. I love your purchases everything is wonderful. The new clothes are beautiful. The Ikea house looks great I love the blue cupboard.
    Hugs Maria

  3. Kivoja markkinatuliaisia sinullakin. :)
    Mielenkiinnolla seuraan Ikea-talon rakennustasi, sillä minullakin on yksi odottamassa. Vielä en ole edes pakettia avannut, eikä mitään ideaa sen suhteen ole mieleen tullut.
    Jokuhan voisi perustaa fb:n oikein ikea-talo ryhmän ideointia varten! :)
    Mukava silti, että blogeillekin vielä kirjoitellaan. Tykkään! <3

  4. I suppose you're not the only one spending more time on FB... it's getting more and more deserted here in blogland... *LOL* So it's great to see some news from you - your Ikea house is so full of lovely details, you've put many gorgeous decorating ideas in there. And you've made some wonderful purchases at the fair - I'm curious where you're going to use them.


  5. Vähänkö hienoja keittiön esineitä ja söpö tuo Blythe-nukke!

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